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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Song For Brandy

Last week I was talking with my friend David Marchbanks about my little "songs for the girls" project and he said,"you know you should have planned this better.  You should have recorded your song for Brandy this week so you could give it to her on Valentines Day."  In that moment my heart sank because I knew he was right.  It would have been a great Valentines gift, but alas, I missed it because I recorded Makenna's song last week.

However, I figure "it is better late than never."

A little history about this song.  I played this for Brandy at our rehearsal dinner, and have since made it her ringtone on my phone.  One afternoon she called me as I was walking in the back door of our house.  Hearing my phone she hung up, and as we started our evening conversation she said, "what is that twangy country song you set for my ringtone."  I paused for a moment, knowing that if the tables were turned I would be in the dog house for weeks.  Then I calmly replied, "this is the song I played for you at our rehearsal dinner."  
Brandy:  What?  Really?
Me:         Yes.
Brandy:   Oh.

So, there you go a little back story.  A song for Brandy.

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