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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day 2 2011

On this, our second day of the Labor Day weekend, we decided to take the train down to the West End.

The girls loved it.  Well heck, we all did for that matter.  There is just something about riding a train.  It can be relaxing.  You don't have to worry about traffic, parking, or any of the other hazards of the highway.  You have time to sit and talk with your traveling companions.  And you get to see the city, specifically "the other side of the trees."  That is what one of the girls said today as we rode.  "Now we get to see what it is like on the other side of the trees."  Yes, yes we do.  You don't take the train to keep a schedule.  The best way to ride is for fun, and that is what we did.  As you ride nostalgia kicks in.  You begin to imagine the days of the the old west, and life seems a little easier somehow.

Once we got downtown we wondered around and ended up at the castle.

In case you don't know what the castle is, it is the old red court house downtown.  They wanted to go inside, but alas, it was sunday and the museum was not open.  So, we had to settle for a picture on the steps of the castle.  After the picture we headed to the big box.
As you may have figured out by the picture, the big box is the JFK memorial.  They loved it.  It had a stage to perform, and dance on, and open spaces to run around in.  After a moment, my wife said, "Do you think we should try to explain this to them."  "No."  I said.  I think they are still too young to understand it.  But we did feel like we should heard them elsewhere to run, out of respect for the monument and others.

We finally got to the west end and ate and went in the western shop.  My sister in-law is from Louisiana and we like to give her as much Texas paraphernalia as possible.  So naturally we had to stop in and look at the cowboy boots, rhinestone jewelry, and cowboy hats.  Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of that.  However, on our way back to the train stop, Amelia did the robot dance.  This, my friends, is worth looking at...
As we rode the train back, all of us were talking.  There were many interweaving conversations, and I thought this could not happen in a car.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Labor Day '11

My wife's family has come to visit this weekend, so, we have a house full of kids.
Having all the kids around makes me feel young again.  It also makes me appreciate the simple things in life like playing baseball in the yard, home made gifts that may not be that valuable monetarily, but are invaluable sentimentally, and swimming.

Traditionally, Labor Day marks the end of summer, and as a kid I used to dread going back to school, but this year I am glad to returning to the classroom at Richland College.  You see I am an adjunct faculty member there this year.  I teach intro to theatre and acting I.

Just a reminder don't wear white after this weekend.  I don't know where that rule comes from, but it seems to be important.

Back to the family and this weekend...
I had the opportunity to teach my 4 year old nephew how to bat this morning.  We played a lot of baseball today, and during one of our games I was coaching him on his hitting and said, "keep your eye on the ball."  To which he replied, "I always keep it on my eyeball."  I had no response to that.  Here he is in action.

Our niece will celebrate her 7th birthday soon, so, my wife gave her her birthday present in a bag she made out of capri sun pouches.  I know, you are probably thinking, "what in the world would a bag made out of capri sun pouches look like."  Well, you're in luck, I have a photo.
It is a neat little purse for her to carry her squinky's in.  Those are the presents that you really want to hold on to.

Towards the end of the day we went swimming at the hotel where the in-laws are staying.  This brought back a flood of memories.  dunking each other in the pool, throwing one another in the pool, and of course relaxing in the hot tub.  As we were swimming the girls ask me and papa to throw them in the air and let them land in the water.  So, we did.
Of course, me, papa, and the girls loved it.  Mom however, did not.  "That is too high."  She would insist, as the other girls would beg, "throw me, throw me."  So, papa and I found ourselves in an interesting catch 22.  To throw, or not to throw, that is the question.  Of course, we threw.  It was just too much fun.  The weekend is off to a good start.