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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Rug Doctor

So the little girls left this morning to visit Nonni for a while, and the wife decided it was time to clean.  A good idea since it has been since 2005 that we have had the house empty of all children.  "Can you go rent a rug doctor?  They have them at Kroger."  She asked.  "Sure," I thought "that is easy enough.  Just get in, get out, we will have clean carpets, and everyone will be happy."  Off I go to Kroger.

I get to Kroger and realize, walking into a new store is like trying to find your way out of a labyrinth, and without the string to guide you.  I wondered around, and in true male form, found lots of things to buy that we didn't need.  Until finally I found the Rug Doctor.  I paused, looked at the rug doctors, and realized they were all locked up.  I mean as tight as fort knox.  "Ok, I need customer service."  I thought, and headed to the customer service counter.  When I arrived there was a long line of people.  "Wow, everyone needs some service this morning."  I thought, as I headed to the end of the line. While waiting I read the board hanging above the service counter, and discovered just what services they will provide for you at the customer service desk.  The services included, but are not limited to, cashing checks, money orders, lottery tickets, carpet cleaning, and apparently tickets to Schlitterbahn.  While I needed to use the carpet cleaning option, I really wanted to use the Schlitterbahn option.  However, I did now know why the line was so long.  No, everyone was not buying Schlitterbahn tickets; they were buying lottery tickets.  It is Saturday after all.  I really wanted to ask someone if they would buy me a lottery ticket.  Support your local starving artists, you know.

When I finally reached the counter I rented the rug doctor and the cashier called Adela to help me out with the rug doctor.  Adela comes, talks to the cashier, in spanish, and begins to take the rug doctor I just rented back to the rack.  "No, no I am parked out here."  I said, pointing towards my car.  She continued to walk away from me.  "No, uhm, excuse me that is for me."  I said, as I followed her back to the aisle.  "Hello, that is for me."  I began to wave my arms.  "Me, that is mine.  Hello."  I exclaimed, laughing on the inside at the sight I imagined others in the store saw.  Me, a long tall gangly man chasing a very tiny woman through the grocery store waving my arms wildly, and her just walking as if nothing was going on.  Finally, I caught up to her, and tapped her on the shoulder.  "That comes with me." I said.  She looked at me, turned, and headed to the rug doctor rack.  "No, no."  I said jumping in front of her to stop her.  "That is mine.  I rented it."  I explained.  "oh."  She said, and stood there looking at me.

I was unsure what to do next, so I did nothing, and we stood there looking at each other for a while.  Until finally I thought, "well, I guess she got it.  Start walking and see what happens."  So, I started walking, and she followed.  "Okay," I thought, now we are moving.  She continued to follow me out to the car.  I picked up the rug doctor, and put it in the back of the truck.  Adela stood there.  "Thanks," I said, and tried to get past her into my truck.  She just stood in my way.  "You have got to be kidding me," I thought, "surely she doesn't expect a tip."  However, she continued to stand and stare.  "Uhm, I think I have some change."  I said, and began to dig in my pockets.  I grab all the change I had, and handed it to her.  "Gracias." She said and walked away.  As I got in my truck, I thought, "I wonder if I just got hustled?"

When I got home the wife was ready to use the rug doctor.  So, I unloaded it, and she got right to work.  I went to another room in the house to begin cleaning it.  I still haven't mustered up the guts to tell her I think I got hustled at Kroger.

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  1. You have the house to yourselves for a week and you decided to shampoo the carpet? Just saying.