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Monday, March 7, 2011

Reviews of The Lesson

The first weekend of Loop has come to an end, and the reviews are out.  Here are a few reviews of The Lesson.  enjoy!’s-the-lesson/

Of the shows I caught on Friday and Saturday, days two and three of the 11-day event, Second Thought Theatre came on strong with Eugene Ionesco’s The Lesson. Second Thought is the most established of the five small Dallas theater companies in the festival this year. The Lesson uses a lot of personnel associated the ensemble before the recent reorganization – and is none the worse for that.
Some of director Mac Lower’s ideas are too silly even for Theatre of the Absurd: Anastasia Munoz’s perky direct addresses to the audience as the Pupil and Abigail Herring’s sexy subtext as the Maid just don’t make sense. Undeniably, though, Lower gets great performances from all three actors. David Lugo’s Professor transitions from Elmer Fudd-like stutters to violent magnificence with all kinds of psychological detail.

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